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Naranjo Colors
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Picu Urriellu

A dream come true! For those who don't know, Naranjo de Bulnes, or Picu Urriellu for Asturians natives, is one of the biggest icons of Picos de Europa National Park with 2519m high. I will never forget what I felt when I saw it for the first time before my eyes! It was something awesome, completely indescribable! I remember to have spent a lot of time admiring it like a child when I arrived to the Poo de Cabrales! Never have seen nothing like this! A great and beatiful massif rocky on the background of a green valley with sheeps grazing! Seemed a dream! And you know what? I was able to shoot it for the first time in the middle of an haze summer morning! What could I ask more? I will never forget that moment, it was just me, the Urriellu, the haze and my Canon camera! Perfect no? Have you ever visit it? What you felt?

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