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Lighting The Silence

4am, an hour before dawn and it was so weird to us feel Coimbra so quiet like that. As a students city, is very unusual to see Coimbra immersed in a so deep silence as it was in this night! Mainly in this spot, the Pedro and Inês pedestrian bridge that connect the banks of Mondego river. Every summers, students come back to their homes and for their families and leave Coimbra totally alone till the next academic year. For who lives here all the year, it already sounds as a birds migration season. After a couple of hours trying many different angles and ways to achieve the photo we had idealized for this session and failing almost all the attempts, finally my friend João Almeida and I figured out a way to get it. The all process involved a lot of effort, perseverance and patience from both. Of course more from João which had to spinning around him that incandescent steelwool during all the night. I just framed the photo and gave some smart advices to get what we wanted!

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