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Carlos Dias was born in 1988 in Coimbra, Portugal.

He grew up there and it is where he currently lives.

Since he remembers, photography always made a part of his life.

Over the years, he has showed the desire to achieve ever a better shot than the one taken before. Considering himself as a perfectionist he never gives up of his goals! In the end of 2010, he tried to take the "big" jump and he bought his first DSLR camera, a Canon 550D.

Since that moment his life never was the same and he knows that there is not way to going back! His lifestyle changed abruptly, for better!

Nowadays, whenever he can, Carlos spends most of his time trekking and hiking to discover new places to photograph. He is a passionate about mountains and like to call Serra da Estrela Natural Park(Portugal) his "home". It is there where he really feels comfortable and accomplished! Overall, he is a nature lover!

In an autodidact way, he has been concerned to improve his photography techniques and develop his passion and knowledge in some specific areas within photography. Having begun as a sports photographer, nowadays his photography style goes more to landscape and astrophotography, side-by-side with the timelapse technique.

In 2013 and 2014, Carlos has spent his time travelling around some Portugal and Spain national parks to capture timelapse footages for his first timelapse video.

He already saw his work be published on National Geographic Portugal Magazine and one of his photos be recognized as "Earth Photo of the Day - Viewer's Choice April 2014" by NASA.

Please feel free to contact Carlos for any image/timelapse sequence licensing inquiries or freelance assignments. (

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