5 November 2014 - Awardeo nomination for video of the week! - Carlos Dias Photography
Breathing Other World

Awardeo.tv: Nomination for Video of the Week on Vimeo.com!!

This week has been completely crazy!

After having released my first time lapse video on saturday night and yesterday see one my photos be recognized "Photo of the Day" on twitter of Breathing Color, today it is time to be shocked again, in a good way of course!

Since yesterday night, my video is nominated by The Awardeo Company for video of the week on Vimeo!

Having achieved this goal make me feel so happy and accomplished, it's awesome!

It's so good when we see our work be valued! It still seems a dream! :)

I would appreciate a lot if you could spend just a few seconds of your day to go there and vote for me!


Vote here: http://admin.awardeo.tv/video/110658449/5459548a521e696c6ca4d62d#

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