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My name is Carlos Dias and I was born in 1988.

I'm a professional photographer based in Coimbra, Portugal.

Since I remember, photography and travels always made a part of my life. Two passions inherited from my father.

In 2010, I bought my first DSLR camera  and started mainly as an amateur sports photographer.

Only in the ends of 2012 I took my first steps into landscape photography and found out my love for mountains and hikings when I decided to discovery Serra da Estrela Natural Park!

Nowadays, whenever it's possible I like to spend my time trekking and hiking to discover new places to photograph. I always grew up in a rural area and maybe for that reason I feel so connected to the landscape and outdoor photography. I consider myself as a nature lover!

In 2014, I concluded my master degree in Veterinary Medicine. Despite it be the accomplish of one of my life's dreams, I had the desire to do something more! The clinic walls and the same routine everyday was killing me and so I decided to take the risk following what my hearth was saying and chose the photography!

Since then I have especialized in landscape, nightscape and timelapse photography.

I release my first timelapse video in November 2014 called "Breathing other world" who was elected as video of the week by The Awardeo Company.

I also has experience in Real Estate, 360 Panorama and Virtual Tour Photography.

In 2017 I was certified by Google as Google Trusted Photographer.

More recently, since mid-2017, I started to photograph music concerts and live performances and is something that surprisingly I am enjoying very much.

I already saw my work be published by National Geographic Portugal Magazine, NASA and Landscape Photography Magazine.

I also was author of several individual exhibitions about Landscape and Nightscape photography.

Please feel free to contact me for any image/timelapse sequence licensing inquiries or freelance assignments. (

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