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Magical Caves

I had the pleasure to found this place when I was trying to figure out new places with no light pollution to photograph the Milky Way. For my surprise, this wasn’t so far from my home, more or less 20 min by car. I still remember the first night when I came from there, I arrived home with a big smile on my face, not believing how was possible that place could be so magical, so quiet…
Situated near a little village called Casmilo (Condeixa, Portugal), the holes (Buracas) which gave the name to this place, The Buracas Valley, belong of a limestone massif called massif of Sicó.
These hollows which develop horizontally are old entrances to a cave that was inside the massif. When the core of this massif collapsed, lateral cavities, now called “Buracas”, were produced.

This image is my first vertical pano of Milky Way. It's a sum of 7 horizontal images.

I hope you enjoy it!

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