Intimatescapes - Carlos Dias Photography
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It was another casual visit, one of the many I've done to Covão da Ponte, in the Serra da Estrela Natural Park.
When you visit a site that you know over and over again, it happens that it becomes too difficult to find new subjects to photograph.
One way I like to counteract this is to challenge myself to shoot with a telephoto lens and go in search of certain details that often go unnoticed by the ordinary visitor's gaze. That is what happened on this day, after half an hour wandering the park looking for something different and unique, behold, I find myself with this tree on the banks of the Mondego river that passes there. The roots, already dry and hovering over the water stream, reminded me of the fingers of one hand asking for help. After taking this photograph, curiously with a wide angle lens and not with a telephoto lens as I had previously intended to do, I gave it the name "Torture". Maybe for you that are seeing this photo now, it is just a dry root of a tree in a river bank, but for me, at that moment, it was much more than that and it was what made me to take some time to photograph it with extreme care. This is what fascinates me the most about photography, the possibility of interpreting the same photo in different ways and the impact that this can have on our lives. Maybe now, because I said, you can already see that hand stretched out on the water asking for help, right? An old hand in an eagerness to reach the water, so close but without success ... a torture.