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Saturdays are fun family days!
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Exploring Together

Did you ever took your dog with you in a trek?

I already should to have done this before!
Until last week, I had never noticed how much I have been losing!
Usually, when I adventure myself in outdoor activities, I'm used to go alone. Just me and the Nature! Only this way I really can appreciate the moment and feel some inner peace...well, it was what I always thought until I brought my dog with me, last week! The high level of trust that there is between both was the key to the amazing time we spent together and really made me to want to repeat the experience again! When we were trekking back to the car, I was feeling really well and calm, more than I already felt before when I came alone, and she...well, she was very excited and happy for have been by my side all the time in this beautiful place!

In the next time you go on an adventure, please take your pet with you! It will thank you and you will enjoy it much more as I did, believe me!

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